A One of a Kind Vacation in Serbia

Serbia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. People who have come here have often referred to the country as the “cream of the crop” or the “top of the tree”. However, they describe Serbia, no one can ever deny how lovely it can be to witness how the beauty unfolds in this country. 

From Subutica, all the way down to Nis, this country is full to breaking point with scenic attractions waiting to be discovered by you. So here are some of the best places you should not miss when visiting Serbia.

Church of St. Sava

Based on the spot where St. Sava’s relics were burnt by the Ottomans, the huge church is just as forced as a place of God ought to be. Visiting this place helps you experience the holiness of some spots in Serbia.

Bela Crkva

The appeal of an unassuming community sort of Mir-Jam joyfully depicted in her books, an interwoven of thousands of types of blossoms, which enhance the private yards, leave passers stunned, two waterways and seven counterfeit lakes, why it is known as the “Venice of Vojvodina”.

Architecture of Golubac

Golubac is a city of fantastic fortification looks and great engineering. Golubac is the city based on a precarious, high and difficult to reach rock, on the correct bank of the Danube. Now, the Danube is the most stretched out and it would seem that the ocean. The fortification was worked at the passageway to the Djerdap gorge. The post overwhelms this piece of the Danube and it tends to be seen from all sides.

Must-try Foods in Serbia

  • Sarma – a traditional dish in Serbia made of minced meat and rice rolled in a pickled cabbage 
  • Ćevapi – a delicious dish that includes grilled finger-shaped mince meats
  • Burek – a controversial dish in Serbia that makes many people confuse whether it is a meat or a cheese inside a baked coating
  • Karađorđeva šnicla – This is probably every woman’s dream because of the size and shape, but hey! Please try to clear the cloud in your mind. This elongated dish is actually very delicious.
  • Punjena Paprika – Almost similar to Sarma but with more paprika stuffed into it.
  • Gibanica – a delicious cheese pie
  • Kajmak – a side dish made from milk and a perfect match for any grilled meat meal