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  1. Look at this guy in polish representation. Actually we don’t have number one and two. Fabian is equal with Szczęsny. You can like Szczęsny or not, but he is that guy who are blessed by Gianluigi Buffon to keep Juventus gate and that its something!

  2. 🤣 ya got to love these poxey soundbites. Exciting times ? Oh yeah we’re havin a barrel of laughs at the moment. Buying keepers when we have a perfectly good one

  3. Fabian nie raz wam tylek uratuje 😊 Najlepszy wasz transfer od wielu lat kto jak kto ale ten człowiek jest idealny do waszego klubu 😊

  4. A lot of this possibly depends on what happens with Adrian. IF, and it’s a big ‘IF’, Adrian starts the season as No.1, with the understanding that he has 10-12 games to cement his place, this could be great – as he’d have no complaints stepping aside if he was out of form (as this guy is far better than Hart or Randy). I doubt though that Adrian would accept being No.2 at the start of the season – that being so, we’ll need a young No.2 like Bentley from Brentford or Steffen from the MLS. Best scenario is having Fab and Adrian duking it out for the No.1. Anyway – welcome Fab; a very good and somewhat under-rated keeper; on his day he’s amazing, and the encouraging thing for us is he’s a late developer who’s got better over the past 3 years or so. Forget him at the Gooners, he’s been great at Swansea, regardless of them going down.

  5. jeez, we are a little club, whom struggle along and dont win much in silverware. WE ARE A MASSIVE CLUB, because of the FAN base..time for the latter to catch up…

  6. You have won a few things. Remember when you guys were relegated a few times, you WON promotion the following years. So the best thing is to get relegated then you will WIN promotion again

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