Felipe Anderson is off the mark!

Felipe Anderson is off the mark!

Felipe Anderson’s first goal for West Ham United! ⚒️

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21 comentarios sobre “Felipe Anderson is off the mark!

  1. Defense still looking mmmm.. would try Balbuena and Diop staring in next match see hue they get on together!!.. Ogbonna looks off the pace and not ticking at the mo!

  2. Fredricks looksvery good so does yarmalenko he is a hard worker arnoutovic is a machine balbuena is very solid hopefully anderson will shine i think when lanzini comes back he may be one of the misding links

  3. Perhaps you negatives, would be better posting derogatry remarks on toilet walls, instead of bringing down our players and club.
    They did what they went on the pitch to do.

  4. This is a new West Ham….some very talented players…dont be surprised if they are flying high just a few weeks in. Pellegrini has the ability to get this team moving.

  5. We was completely dominated by Ipswich throughout the whole game ! I’m worried that Anderson won’t be able to handle the physical side of the game

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