Destinations to Explore in Japan

Japan is somewhere we think everyone should make a tour to explore the country. From futuristic skyscrapers to tranquil bamboo forests and neon arcades to serene temples, it’s like nowhere else on the earth.


This is traditional Japan as you thought it. Geisha in brightly colored kimonos emerging from wooden teahouses, forests of bamboo, temples, and shrines in gold and silver and scarlet, raked gravel Zen gardens, intricate feasts served on lacquered plates, graceful tea ceremonies, and markets full of intriguing.


If Kyoto is the heart of the country, Tokyo is its ultramodern counterpart. It’s here you’ll find the skyscrapers, noisy arcades, busy pedestrian crossings, crazy youth fashions, and many many incredibly delicious restaurants. 


Takayama is an utterly beautiful small town on the edge of the Japan Alps and one of the best less-visited places to go in Japan. You will be wandering the historic center full of traditional wooden houses, colorful shrines, neatly shaped trees, and bright red bridges over the river.


Mount Fuji is one of the best places to visit in Japan, but this must-see attraction landmark can be somewhat elusive and is often hidden by clouds.


This is a temple town and listed in the UNESCO world heritage site. The temples and shrines with their vermillion gates and moss-covered stone lanterns are scattered on the wooded hillside. The major attraction is Toshogu Shrine, an impressive complex with more than a dozen lavishly arranged red and gold buildings amongst huge, ancient cedar trees.


Koya-san (Mount Koya) is one of the most amazing places to take a tour of the traditional side of this country. This secluded and sacred temple town is located in the forest-covered mountains of Kansai and is one of the best places to get a taste of life as a monk by staying in a temple lodging.


It’s a picture-perfect traditional mountain village that is located in the Kiso Valley. This is one of the famous-preserved post towns, and you feel like you’ve stepped back in time on the traffic-less streets of nicely restored wooden inns.


It was Japan’s first permanent capital. This is full of historical treasures, including many UNESCO world heritage sites. It’s one of the best Japan destinations and makes a rewarding day trip from Kyoto to explore the temples and wild deer in Nara Park.


Highlights include visiting the Itsukushima shrine at nearby Miyajima island and trying the delicious local specialty okonomiyaki, a thick pancake of batter, vegetables, and noodles.

Come here to pay your respects to the victims of the atomic bombing in the 2nd world war at Hiroshima’s moving Peace Memorial Museum and Park. You can stay to explore the modern city that was almost entirely rebuilt after the 2nd world war.

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